Project partners

The partners of the project are:

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Estonia: Rääma Noorte Ühing Noorus NGO (Nooruse Maja) is umbrella for local culture, non formal education organizations and youthgoups. NGO is established in 1998 and on our board we have 7 organizations and 3 persons. For today, close to thousand people has gathered under the roof of Nooruse Maja, who go to different youth groups, clubs, NGOs and associations to spend their free time, to educate themselves and to live a club life. In our house it is possible to learn different languages and IT knowledge but also painting on china, painting, playing harmonica, making laces, patch work, sewing, line dance, line dance in wheelchair, society dance, ballroom dance, folk-dance, free-style dance, acting, singing, folklore. All activities are continuous and growing, we connecting different interests and different ages. RäämaNoorte Ühing Noorus

Germany: VHS Cham is a registered, non-profit association in Upper Palatinate; it acts on a regional level. The total number of fulltime administrative, teaching and training employees is 70 plus and about 300 freelancers. VHS Cham provides the adult education courses which focus not only on specific knowledge and skills, but also development of the social skills and health prevention. VOLKSHOCHSCHULE IM LANDKREIS CHAM EV

Spain: Silla is a city of around 20000 inhabitants in the area of Valencia. The public administration of the city has, among other educational services, an adult people school where different educational programmes take place. Since many years, the municipality of Silla is active in international mobility programmes. AJUNTAMENT DE SILLA

Turkey: Aydın Kültürel Gelişim Derneği (Aydın Cultural Development Association) is a local, nongovernmental, independent, non-profit and apolitical organization,with the main purpose of contributing for the personal,professional and cultural development of people. Our association promotes to solve educational, social and economic problems of community,to contribute vocational education, active citizenship, enable all the people to participate in sport and scouting activities, organize local and international projects. Aydin Kulturel Gelisim Dernegi